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As a Nationally Accredited Course, (Certificate ll in Reading, Writing and Spelling English), the Sound Way program is the ideal tool to deliver significant improvement to company productivity and profitability through effective literacy training. (Note: The program may be delivered as a non-accredited course if so desired.)

Just a few of the many benefits of implementing The Sound Way program in the workplace are:

  • Having employees being able to successfully participate in job training.
  • Having employees able to fill in reports and job sheets.
  • Lower accident rates and lost time.
  • Increase ability to develop staff leadership and management from within your organization.

The Workplace Program comes complete with a 12-hour Facilitator Training Course, which along with the accompanying Facilitator Manual makes it extremely easy to implement. Delivery of the program only requires a committed and motivated facilitator to achieve major success. Because the body of knowledge and teaching is being taught and presented by the video teacher, this effectively places two trainers operating within every classroom.

Each of the 50 lessons comprises of a 40-min. video lesson + a 35-min. Workshop Book exercise + a 10-min. Daily Sentence Construction exercise.The senior Sound Way program works extremely effectively with all adult learners – regardless of age, nationality or past learning experience.

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