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The Sound Way programs deliver an average improvement of 2 - 3 school years in students' reading and writing ability in one term. Some students achieve more than a 5 year improvement in the same time frame.

There are programs available that suit every age group in primary and secondary schools. Both the Junior (Children 5 - 10 years) and Senior (Students 11 - adult) Sound Way programs are designed to be used with the whole class participating and working together as one large group; i.e. - mainstream, advanced and remedial all in together. There is absolutely no need for grouping or streaming most classes. The program's unique design allows it to meet the individual needs of all students at the same time.

The online School Programs comes complete with a 12-hour online Teacher/Facilitator Training Course; which along with the accompanying Teacher/Facilitator Manual makes it extremely easy to implement. All the necessary programming and timetabling is taken care of and provided for in the manual. Delivery of the program only requires a committed and motivated facilitator to achieve major success.

By completing a lesson a day (which takes less than 1 1/2 hrs) 5 days a week, the 50 lessons that comprise the program can be completed in one school term. Timetabling and structure comes within the kit. Each lesson comprises a 40-min. video lesson + a 35-min. Workshop Book exercise + a 10-min. Daily Sentence Construction exercise.

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