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Through a series of interactive online  lessons, The Sound Way places an experienced, professional literacy-teacher right into your own home. Working just like a personal tutor he leads the student through a step-by-step process to successfully learn how to read, write and spell independently for themselves.

The program delivers an average improvement of 2 to 3 school years in reading and writing ability in 12 weeks; some students achieve more than 5 years improvement. To achieve this requires doing three lessons per week which take approx. 1 1/4 hrs each. (40-min. video lesson + 30-min. Workshop Book exercise.)

The Sound Way Home Program lessons contain all the necessary instructions for a home learner to successfully complete the program. Even though most of these instructions are embedded in the videos themselves, a Home User Introductory video is also included with the package. Parents do not need to pre-learn any material or part of the program before their children can commence; older students do not require supervision.

All students 11 years of age to Adults should use the Senior Program (regardless of current ability level) while children 5 to 10 years should use the Junior Program.

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