The Sound Way has two distinct programs: The Junior Sound Way program and The Senior Sound Way Program.

The Junior program is for all children aged between 5 and 10 years of age.The Junior program consists of fifty-three 40-minute face-to-face video lessons and is supported with Workshop Book lessons.

The Senior Sound Way program is for all 11 year olds through to adults. Consisting of thirty-six 40-minute face-to-face video lessons, these are also supported with Workshop Book lessons.

Both the Junior and Senior Programs have been designed so that they can be used in the following situations

Through a series of interactive video lessons, The Sound Way places an experienced, professional literacy-teacher right into your own home. Working just like a personal tutor, the program leads any person through a step-by-step process to successfully learn how to read, write and spell independently for themselves. More information, please Home Programs.

The Sound Way programs suit every age group in primary and secondary schools. Both the Junior and Senior Sound Way programs are designed to be used with the whole class participating and working as one large group; i.e. - mainstream, advanced and remedial all in together. There is absolutely no need for grouping or streaming most classes. The program's unique design allows it to meet the individual needs of all students at the same time. For further information, please click here.

As a Nationally Accredited Course, (Certificate ll in Reading, Writing and Spelling English), The Sound Way program is the ideal tool to deliver significant improvement in company productivity and profitability through effective literacy training. Some of the benefits of implementing The Sound Way program in the workplace are: Having employees being able to successfully participate in job training, lower accident rates and lost time, lower workers' compensation and insurance costs, and increased development of staff leadership and management. For further information, please click here.

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