English is a phonetic language. Approximately 93% of English words are totally phonetic and follow the rules of English spelling. The Sound Way combines and integrates this knowledge in a logical, sequential and cumulative manner to make one complete program.

The Sound Way program is much more than just another phonics program that develops phonemic awareness. It adds the vital component of working strongly within the neural pathways of the brain as it teaches, models, drills, exhorts and gives practise to the students in the important aspects of careful listening, clear speaking and articulation, quality handwriting, accurate spelling and comprehension, and expressive oral reading.

The Sound Way programs teach and provide the students with a tangible understanding of the mechanics of the English language. Students actually learn the 'how and why' of the construction of most English words. For example, the five reasons there are for having a final silent 'e' in words; or the reason we double the 'p' in a word like "stopping" but not in a word like "jumping.

The Sound Way program begins by first teaching, loading and programming the brain with the 45 sounds (phonemes) that comprise English words and the 75 ways there are of representing these sounds on paper (phonograms). By combining and integrating this knowledge with the rules of English spelling, we are then able to write and produce words from their sounds.

Each full lesson comprises a 40-min. video lesson followed by a 35-min. Workshop Book exercise. With the School and Workplace programs there is an added "10-min. Daily Sentence Construction Exercise" to be completed with each lesson.

English is fundamentally a phonetic language and it was never designed to be taught or learned in any other way. The Sound Way program's great strength springs from its unique ability to accurately impart knowledge and give practice and understanding to its students as to the phonetic code of the English language; while at the same time teaching and adding the essential body of knowledge of the spelling rules. When these two factors are combined and integrated into the one learning system, it makes everything work and learning becomes a pleasurable experience and a joy to the student.

The Sound Way program is unique in its ability to be able to place an experienced, highly qualified native English speaking teacher into every home and classroom he is needed; no matter where they may be. He is then able to model and teach correct speech and articulation to the students; while at the same time bringing them to independence in their own ability to now read, write and spell English words for themselves.

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